Caesar Salad Dressing

Yesterday was my birthday and all I really wanted as part of my birthday dinner was a really good Caesar salad. This might sound like a simple request, but here in Denmark the only way you can find an assumingly good Caesar salad is at a restaurant for $18!! I don’t even know if those ones are good, but I sometimes see “Caesar Salad” pre-made at the grocery stores here and they are weird. There is cooked pasta on the bottom, tomato, and corn, amongst the usual lettuce, parmesan cheese and pre-cooked chicken. Sorry, but that is not a Caesar salad. Corn and cooked pasta?? So I am not taking the risk on paying that much for something at a restaurant that also might be weird, and not good.

I don’t think Caesar salad is very popular here. I have found maybe 3 or 4 varieties of Caesar dressing here and they all taste horrible. As a solution, I have brought dressing from the U.S., to have here (without having tried them), but each one of those also lacks flavor or tastes boring. I can’t exactly bring one that needs to be refrigerated at all times, from the U.S. so that kind of limits my selection.

I have also tried to make my own, and I have to say a homemade Caesar dressing tastes really good. The flavor is there, but the dressings come out too thick or don’t mix together well. So, yesterday I decided to go to Magasin to buy a fancy Caesar dressing. Magasin is an upscale department store here, that also has a grocery store in the basement with gourmet food, and imported goods. Needless to say it is a lot pricier than a regular grocery store. Kind of like H-E-B Central Market back home.

There were three Caesar dressings there to choose from. One I have tried before, Cardini’s, and it’s okay, but I don’t really like it. The other two were from Belgium and the U.K. Each dressing cost $10 a bottle so I had to make a wise decision. It was a tough decision. Surely the Brits know more about Caesar dressing, right? Do the Belgians even like Caesar dressing??

I decided to just try the one from Belgium called Natura Vinaigrette Cesar.

The decision was ultimately based on the color of the dressing and the ingredients listed. Basically this dressing had real parmesan cheese and real ingredients vs. the other dressing that had parmesan powder, and garlic powder, among other things.

Ingredients listed in Danish: sunflower oil, vinegar, egg yolks, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, parmesan cheese, onion, garlic, anchovies, salt, lemon juice, spices etc.

Also this dressing had a slight yellow tint, and the other was very white. Over all it just looked better, and it looked homemade with real natural ingredients, and no preservatives. I was so surprised when I made a salad and tasted it and it tasted amazing!! Who knew that Caesar dressing could taste good from Belgium. :o)

Since it is a vinaigrette, it mixed very well in the salad. It was really flavorful, and tasted like a restaurant quality caesar dressing I might get back home. It was so good, I think I’ll buy my mom a bottle to bring back home to Texas. :o) If you ever see this dressing you should try it. I noticed the brand had other varieties of dressings so I think I might try one of those as well. Here is the link to their website if you are interested:

Now lets hope my local Magasin doesn’t stop carrying this dressing!! :o)


Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, freshly grated parmesan cheese, and Natura Vinaigrette Cesar dressing


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