Sweet Giulia – Frederiksberg, Denmark

UPDATE: Unfortunately Sweet Giulia has since closed down. I’m glad I at least got to try it.

There is a really nice Italian Chocolate Shop in Denmark called Sweet Giulia that makes homemade italian chocolates, cookies, coffee, hot chocolate, and more. The shop even has a chocolate fountain that is used to make hot chocolate. It is soooo yummy. 🙂 Trust me, I try a lot of hot chocolate hehe.

It is located in Frederiksberg, Denmark on Gammel Kongevej 147, which is close to the center of Copenhagen. So if you are ever in the area or live in Denmark and want to try something different you should check this place out.

There are also deals where you get a variety of your choice of chocolates or cookies for a set price. The hard part is deciding which ones to choose, but it is also very nice to try a variety, not to mention delicious.

Here are some pictures from my visits to Sweet Giulia.


Chocolate Fountain


hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream and cocoa powder


homemade Italian cookies, chocolates, hot chocolate, and cappuccino 


A variety of filled chocolates


chocolate filled with cream nougat, white chocolates with raspberry filling, and dark chocolate with pistachios




La Galette – Copenhagen, Denmark

There is a very cozy, hidden french restaurant in Copenhagen called La Galette that makes the most delicious sweet and savoury buckwheat pancake dishes. Now, before coming to Denmark, I never knew what a Galette was, but I found out that it is a thin buckwheat pancake mostly originating from the region of France called Brittany. Luckily one of my local Danish pals introduced me to this charming non-touristy restaurant one day, and now I love Galettes. 🙂 

La Galette is located on Larsbjørnsstræde 9, just a few streets away from the very busy Rådhuspladsen area. It has two floors inside, and a few tables outside as well. Once inside, you can tell right away that it is more of a local hang out, and I think the chef and owners are from France, because I do hear French being spoken. 🙂

There are quite a lot of varieties of buckwheat pancakes to choose from on the menu, from a plain buckwheat pancake for 35 dkk to one with ratatouille, egg, and chives for 90 dkk, to one with salmon, caviar, chives, sour cream, red onions, and salad for 125 dkk. I have never tried any of those though, the one I always get is the Complete for 80 dkk. It has ham, egg, and cheese. It is simple, but tasty. It’s a really good light lunch or dinner. The buckwheat pancake is gluten free, and it is toasted in butter so it has a really good flavor.

Savoury buckwheat pancake with ham, emmentaler cheese, and scrambled egg

If you are still hungry you should order a sweet pancake for dessert. The sweet pancakes cost between 30 and 60 dkk, and it is 10 dkk extra if you want to add ice cream. I have tried one with banana and chocolate sauce, and I’ve also tried one with caramelized apples, which was really delicious.

There is also a lunch special from 12 – 16, where you can get both a sweet and savoury pancake, plus a drink for 110 dkk. The choices are limited, but I think it’s a pretty good deal anyways. I also noticed there is a pancake of the day written in the restaurant (not on the menu), so look out for that.

Sweet pancake with bananas, chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream
Sweet pancake with caramelized apples and vanilla ice cream

Let me know if you have tried a Galette before. What did you think?